Cancellation policy

We do not provide schedule changes or refunds for cancellations, except in the following cases:

Official three day holiday weekends (referred to as “puentes” in Spanish): EFA will contact the student and/or coordinator to organize a make-up class at the site in which classes are held

If for any reason the student cannot reschedule within the week, the session will be added to the end of the student’s term.

If the student requires a change in instructor, the adjustment is made, and a new teacher is sent. If the regular teacher is unable to meet for a regularly schedule class, an alternate instructor will attend. Instructors may be substituted without notice. In all cases, courses are monitored throughout their run time, each new teacher will arrive with a strong understanding of the student’s EFA training to date.

Students are expected to cover the cost of a coffee or water for the instructor when class is held in a café, bar or other for profit hang out.

Payment must be made 3 days prior to the first class, in order to confirm the schedule with the instructor. The payment is done in advance for the next 4 week of classes.