English Class

EFA Education recognizes that each student is an individual; that all students are creative and skilled and that they all seek success. Therefore, through students’ needs and goals, we foster an inspirational and creative environment, which emphasizes the social, professional, cultural and intellectual development of each student.

Our Method

Our method is conversational and interactive. Although all essential areas of grammar are covered, students learn not only by endless grammar tables and repetition, but also by using them in context that clarifies their meaning and use. This method enhances language development and accelerates oral proficiency because it is more natural. The best way to learn is the experience of having a genuine conversation with a native speaker from an English speaking country.

Individualized approach

We offer a personalized approach. The location and schedule are adapted to your needs. *Our students learn and practice English in private classes previously prepared with a customized plan for each student. Therefore, it is important for us to know your learning style in order to personalize your learning experience. When you contact us we arrange an intake meeting (free of charge) face2face or online, in which we evaluate your English level and we work together to create a personalized program that reflects your needs and interests.

  • During our classes we only speak English.
  • We create an environment that allows everyone to feel comfortable and confident to talk.

*Limited area. Restrictions may apply.